Creating Housing That Matters…To Our Residents

Creating Housing That Matters…To Our Residents

Nationally, Americans are facing a housing crisis. Availability of safe, secure, and affordable housing is scarce, resulting in catastrophic outcomes like homelessness, severe rent burden, and a cycle of poverty.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition:

With so many people struggling to maintain safe and affordable housing, it’s critical that we champion the funding and creation of affordable housing. At Dakota, our mission is to create housing that matters. And for us, nothing matters more than delivering affordable housing that our residents can be proud to call home.

To best understand the positive impact living in a Dakota Community has had on our residents, we asked them to tell us about their experiences.


The shortage of reasonably priced and available rental homes for extremely low-income renters is a pressing issue that affects millions of people across the United States. Affordable housing is a critical component of building equitable and inclusive communities by providing a stable foundation for families and individuals to thrive and access economic opportunities. At Dakota, we’re committed to bridging that gap by creating housing that matters to residents, the community, and the environment.