Our Development Directors ensure that our development projects adhere to strict standards of design integrity, aesthetics and functionality. Our team features licensed architects and our process is to oversee and coordinate the design and pre-development phases of our projects, including managing the team’s architects, engineers and other design consultants and subcontractors. We understand that exceptional buildings begin with and stem from creative, attentive and constructable design.


Led by the incredibly experienced and talented Cheryl Stulpin, the Dakota Development team is widely known as solid, trusted partners in every community we join. During design and development, our skilled professionals work closely with municipal and state officials to ensure that we deliver useful, responsible residential properties appropriate to their location and consistent with local strategic initiatives. We do this by using sustainable materials, and repurposing underutilized, often blighted spaces to deliver equitable access to quality affordable housing for the community’s residents.


Under industry veteran Gary Williams, the Dakota Construction team serves as general contractor for most of our projects. This diverse, experienced team works closely with our Acquisitions and Development personnel to uphold the intent and integrity of the design, and to ensure that the process and product of their work attain the highest standards of quality and functionality. The group’s success is based on frequent, efficient communication and collaboration, internally and externally, which guarantees seamless transitions from design through asset management.

Asset Management

The Dakota Asset Management team, led by our Director of Asset Management Lindsay Bajda, underscores our commitment to Creating Housing That Matters by ensuring that our built projects are managed efficiently and cost effectively. Our dedicated in-house team works with third-party property managers to reinforce residential excellence, financial discipline, and long-term investment value growth. Our asset management team evaluates every residence in our portfolio to create custom programs, activities, and training. Studies show that these programs increase retention, improve quality of life, and instill a sense of pride, community, and ownership to every resident.

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