Dakota Partners’ commitment to sustainable design, operations and construction is ever-present and non-negotiable. From our founding, we have always stressed environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and sustainability. In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering projects that meet the rigid Passive House standards, which is why a major national magazine called us the most active Passive House affordable housing developer in the nation.

Passive House

Passive House design is a growing factor in sustainability, energy efficiency and resiliency in multifamily residential development. Since 2016, Dakota has designed and built most of our properties to Passive House standards, which are a set of energy-efficient building principles that incorporate super insulation, airtight building envelopes and heat recovery ventilation systems. Passive House residents save money on utility bills, as they only use 10% of the energy for heating and air conditioning compared with a standard home. Indoor air quality and soundproofing are also excellent in a Passive House property.