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Woodland Cove

Wareham, Massachusetts

Woodland Cove is in Wareham, MA and will be comprised of five buildings that will be built in three phases. Construction for the first and second phases will consist of 63 units each, and the third phase will be comprised of 24 units.

All of the buildings will be constructed using Passive House design and each individual unit will contain Energy Star appliances, to ensure high energy efficiency year round.

Woodland Cove’s 150 total units will be made up of 27 one-bedrooms, 106 two-bedrooms and and 17 three-bedrooms.

Woodland Cove is located on a busy commercial strip, near the Bourne Bridge.

Financing for this project will come through a combination of State and Federal low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC), Massachusetts state housing subsidy funds and conventional debt through commercial lenders.